Waitlist Procedures

The college is continuing implementation of a waitlist process to assist students in accessing high-demand classes in a fair and equitable manner.

Blue slips will not be available for classes that use waitlists until after the quarter starts.

The following classes do not allow waitlists: Basic Skills Classes (ABE, ESL & HSC) and ONL sections.

How does the waitlist process work?

1.  Once a class becomes full, a waitlist is automatically opened for that class.  As students attempt to register, in person or via the Web, they have the option to be placed on the waitlist for full classes.  Students are placed on the waitlist in chronological (first come, first served) order.  Students can add themselves to a maximum of 2 waitlists.  Students cannot add themselves to a waitlist if they are already enrolled in another section of the same class. 

2.  Once students are added to a waitlist, it is the student's responsibility to track their status as to whether or not they have been registered into a class from the waitlist.  Students must monitor their class schedules closely via the Web until the quarter starts.  Class schedules will not include waitlisted classes - they will, however, display a class if the student has been registered into the class from the waitlist.

 Students can check their positions on waitlists or remove themselves from waitlists via the Web through "Waitlist Inquiry" on OASIS.

3.  Once a class has an active waitlist, all regular registration activity for that class stops.  As other students drop these classes, waitlisted students are registered automatically into available class openings from the waitlist in chronological order.  Note: If a full class reopens and there are no students on the waitlist, regular registration activity will resume.

4.  Once a student is registered into a class from the waitlist, all tuition/fees are due & payable per the published tuition payment deadlines in the Registration Calendar.  Therefore, it is extremely important that students closely monitor their waitlist position.  If the addition of the new class does not generate additional tuition/fees, but a student decides against staying registered for the class, the student must drop the class in person or via the web.  Students can drop another class to accommodate the new class and the student's schedule and related tuition/fees will be automatically adjusted.

Note:  If a student is enrolled into a variable credit class from the waitlist, it is the student's responsibility to change to the desired number of credits, either online or in person at the Registration/Records Office.

5.  The waitlist capacity for most classes is set at 15.  Waitlists for math and science courses are set at 30. Once a waitlist reaches capacity, students cannot add themselves to it unless other students are either moved from the waitlist into available class openings or remove themselves from the waitlist.

Note:  If a new section of a class is opened, it will be identified with a section # WL.  Waitlisted students are expected to monitor the OASIS home page for these new classes.

6.  Students can add themselves to waitlists through the 3rd day of the quarter; however, once the quarter begins, all registration activity for full classes or classes with waitlists must be approved by instructors via blue slips. 

Note: If a full class reopens and there are no students on the waitlist, students can enroll without instructor permission through the 3rd day of the quarter. If seats available on a full class drop back below capacity, and there are students on the waitlist, those students already in a waitlist position corresponding to the number of available seats can enroll themselves.

Note:  Once the quarter begins, students who are on a waitlist are strongly encouraged to attend the first class session.   Attendance will be an important factor in an instructor's decision to add students from the waitlist into the class. 

7.  Instructors will advise interested students to place themselves on the waitlist for enrollment consideration and may use the waitlists at their discretion to "blue slip" students into full classes once the quarter begins.  Permission to enroll will be at the discretion of each individual instructor.


If students have questions regarding the waitlist process, please contact a Registration staff member:

Phone: 360.383.3030
Location: Laidlaw Center, Room 101
Revised 08/03/10

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