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How are continuing student registration times assigned?

Registration dates and times for continuing students are assigned based on the credits completed (excludes currently enrolled credits). Go here for more information.

Why don't you have registration access time?

Here are some reasons why you do not have an assigned registration access time:

  • If you are a continuing student (who has taken credit classes in the past four quarters), you may have checked too soon. Registration access times for continuing students are assigned approximately one month prior to registration.
  • You were not enrolled at BC for 4 consecutive quarters or more (including summer quarter). You need to re-apply for admission to re-activate your account in order to receive access time for registration.
  • Your admission application is still being processed. Once the process has been completed, you will receive an email with more information about registration.
  • You have not applied for admission to our college yet. You need to apply for admission in order to receive an access time for registration.

Remember, the term "registration appointment" is the time you can begin to register for classes.


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